Introducing theBodyKore Smart Sled *

This revolutionary multi-planar sled with smart
technology takes training to unbeatable heights.

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*Product depicted in video is prototype model. Finished product rendering below.

Train smarter, not harder – COMING SOON!

BODYKORE SMART SLEDFor the High-Performance Athlete

The BodyKore Smart Sled was created to take athletes to a whole new level of training. With its advanced technology and futuristic look, one coach has already dubbed it the “Tesla of Fitness.” Here are some highlights of this dynamic training tool.


Convenience is king. The BodyKore Smart Sled uses digitized resistance (dual magnetic motors) to adjust workout intensity with 3x more resistance than any other sled on the market (without any weights).


Other sleds move in one direction. Not this one. Each wheel can be adjusted to its own resistance to allow athletes to train at a more competitive level.


Unlike other sleds, the BodyKore Smart Sled provides performance feedback in real time. Athletes and coaches can monitor progress, track stats and make necessary adjustments to reach goals.


The BodyKore Smart Sled is controlled through a proprietary app using the Bluetooth feature to digitally reduce or intensify resistance during a workout. This makes training far more convenient, faster and efficient (especially when training in pairs).


  • - Electrostatic Paint
  • - All Terrain Wheels for Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • - Dual Weight Pegs for Up To 1000 lbs Additional Resistance
  • - Ergonomic Handles
  • - Four Modes

See what coaches, trainers and athletes are saying about the BodyKore Smart Sled

From real individuals who have tested the BodyKore Smart Sled prototype.

When this one comes out, it’s going to be the number one product. ... You have something here that is going to revolutionize the whole sled market.

Coach Corey Beasley

At first glance, it’s just super built. You can tell. The change of direction and having to react ... adds an element of complexity that I haven’t seen on other sleds.

Trainer Danny Osle

It’s different! I felt like I was trying to control a bull or something!

MMA fighter

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