Ultimate Stretch Rack Tutorial

Ultimate Stretch Rack Tutorial

Ultimate Stretch Rack

BodyKore’s Ultimate Stretch Rack is the perfect rack for optimal stretching and body weight training.  The Ultimate Stretch Rack is designed from the attributes of a traditional stall bar that gymnasts used for over 100 years in all areas of the world.  Gymnasts use stall bars for simple body weight exercises and optimal stretching routines.  The Ultimate Stretch Rack stands at 86″ tall with a width of 30″ and has 12 lateral bars that are made to target all types of body sizes and all areas of your body.

Here are some simple stretches that you can do with the rack:

With a pull-up bar and removable dip bars, this is the ultimate body weight training rack.

The Ultimate Stretch Rack is also great for ab/core workouts.  Check out some routines below:


There are a tone of other exercises that can be done on the rack so please keep posted as we’ll continue to upload articles and videos.  You can purchase the rack here: https://www.bodykore.com/product/bodykore-ultimate-stretch-rack-stall-bar-wall-rack-bodyweight-training-system/

Disclaimer: BodyKore does not assume any liability for any injuries that you may incur doing these exercises as the instructional tutorials are not made for every fitness level.  Please check with your Health Care Professional or Doctor before you preform any of these exercises.  

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