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Stacked Series

Stacked Series


Stacked Series combines the free weight feeling of Foundation, along with the safe range of motion that Isolation provides. This plate loaded system features independent movement, allowing users to press with one arm at a time for equilateral muscle development. By bridging the gap between power and mechanics, Stacked crates a safe and balanced strength improvement.
Its quality is shown through precise aluminum alloy end caps, aesthetically pleasing cushions,and neatly tailored glossy finish. Durable foundation, allows users to use heavy weight by using non-slip grip handles to prevent clenched hands from slipping under increase load.

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Non-slip handles prevent clenched hands from side-slipping under increased load. Equipped with high precision aluminum alloy end caps to feature its high grade.

Seat height adjustment, find the suitable height on one machine and set the same height on other stacked series machines.

Quality is show through precise aluminum alloy end caps aesthetically pleasing bolts, and neatly tailored glossy finish.

Cushions are made of high density polymeric sponge and fit the shape of human body, providing maximum stability and comfort during workout.