Stacked Series

Stacked Series

Plate Loaded Machines

Stacked combines the free weight feeling of Foundation, along with the safe range of motion that Isolation provides.  This plate loaded system features independent movements, allowing users to press with one arm at a time for equilateral muscle development.  By bridging the gap between power and mechanics, Stacked creates a safe and balanced strength improvement.

Its quality is shown through precise aluminum alloy end caps, aesthetically pleasing cushions and neatly tailored glossy finish.  Durable foundation, allows users to use heavy weight by using non-slip grip handles to prevent clenched hands from slipping under increased loads.

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Stacked Series- GR808- Leg Press

Pure Strength

The extended weight pegs allow for 30% the amount of weight of regular olympic bars to maximize the load.

Pure Comfort

The Stacked Series was designed in consideration of the bio-mechanics of users of all shapes and sizes.

Smooth Moves

The industrial hinges allow the stacked arms to transition with ease.


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