Signature Series

Signature Series

Strength Equipment

Classic movements with new age design, make Signature Series a staple in every wellness center.  We’ve created the perfect combination of aesthetic
appeal and fundamental design; assure to attract users to utilize on a regimented basis. By going back to the strength training roots, Signature
exceeds fundamental weight training standards through exceptional quality dumbbells, smith machines, and body weight training options.
Top of the line adjustable benches, can be tailored at various angles to directly target any given upper body muscles. Our thermo-setting electrostatic
powder coating process, gives Signature equipment bright color, high gloss and its moisture resistant properties

Signature Series- G206- Multi-Adjustable Bench

Pure Comfort

Seat cushion are made of high density polymeric sponge and passed the
hazardous chemicals testing of ROSH, REACH.

Simplicity at its finest

Benches can easily be adjusted by a simply by pin lock system.
Designed to save space by giving users options to go from 180 degrees to
90 degrees and everything in between.

Get a Grip

Integrated handles create easy movement of benches throughout wellness center.


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