Foundation Series

Foundation Series

Powerlifting and Athletic Programs

Raising the bar for functionality and dynamics, Foundation Series connects Olympic style weightlifting with modern design. With an assortment of heavy-duty racks, Foundation exemplifies the building blocks of power and strength.

Foundation offers variations of cages, enticing for any experienced lifter. Its industrial ergonomics and free range of motion create the ability to exert
power in a safe environment. Brawn meets brain with Foundation’s variety of highly versatile designs to maximize efficiency. Reinforcement connecting
plates increases stability while Foundation’s black powder texture coating finish and stainless steel bolts maintain its smooth appeal.

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Foundation Series- BKR-PR- Full Cage Power Rack



Laser Engraved mounting points give the Foundation Series an easy user experience.


Stay Neat

Weight pages are made to hold Olympic sized lifting plates.


Targeted Isolation

Multiple grip points on the Foundation Racks allow the users to target numerous areas on their bodies.


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