Steel Clubs

Steel Clubs

Steel Clubs

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Chest Press

The BodyKore supreme quality 100% Steel Clubs are an excellent tool to enhance your primal fitness. These clubs are particularly valuable for grip strength, shoulder work, and rotational core power.

With a variety of movements and infinite possibilities, Steel Clubs can be used to train all aspects of fitness, including strength, conditioning, and balance. They are also an excellent addition to more traditional workouts like barbell training, allowing you to enhance your functional capabilities through full body exercises.

BodyKore’s Steel Clubs are unique in that they are made of a machined piece of steel, powder coated with a chip resistant matte finish. Steel is a heavier, more dense metal than iron and is highly resistant to rust and denting. The powder coated matte finish is chip-resistant, and offers the right balance of glide and traction for gripping clubs deep into work sets.


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