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Dynamic Package

Dynamic Package

Dynamic Package


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Dynamic Trainer- MX1161EX – All in One Training System

The all new Dynamic Trainer is the ultimate home gym system. Combining a dual pulley system with multiple attachments that allows the unit to be used as a squat rack, bench press, lat pull down, multi-grip pull up and dip station, Olympic bar and weight storage, band pegs and land mine attachment. This compact unit is high quality, heavy duty and extremely robust as well as aesthetically pleasing.

300lb Rubber Olympic Weight Set

All black rubber plates with stainless steel ring.

G206- Adjustable Bench

5-50lb Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set w/ Rack

50lb rubber hex dumbbells on a heavy duty commercial dumbbell rack. This rack can fit 5-70lb dumbbells or can remove the bottom shelf to fit this set perfectly.

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We Love It!

This set is high quality, as it should be for the price, but exceeded our expectations! There were more attachments included than we originally thought there would be. Everything is easy to switch in an out. We love it and have received many compliments. It would be nice to have an additional 5 lb removable plate for the cables. I also would have liked to customize the dumbbell sizes, we don’t use the heavy sets, but would use 8 and 12 lb. Our biggest issue with this product was the TERRIBLE instructions. Basically 4 steps to put it together with small print and photos. It says “attach this to that” and that’s about it. The step 3 to 4 really had about 5 things to be done that we figured out on our own. We had to figure out the cable system ourselves and that’s the main part of the machine! It was helpful that the screws were all in place for the cable machine, but it took us double the time estimated to put it together. The bench was even worse, we guessed which screw went where because they sent 2 packages of hardware and no explanation of what went where. At the end we had left overs and hope this won’t be an issue. Overall, we love it and are super happy with it. But instructions really need A LOT of work.

Emily C.