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Bodykore Linx Rack – Single Rack

Bodykore Linx Rack – Single Rack

Bodykore Linx Rack – Single Rack


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Single Station-Model No LR101
1. Jet Category ID: 17000760
2. Product ID: B07J9JQ851
3. Dimension: L X W X H: 40″*48″*86″
4. Weight: 260lbs

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Linx Rack appeals to a wide range of performance possibilities in a safe and space efficient manner. Linx Rack was designed for cross training, group training and individual training. Linx Rack creates an open environment perfect for class interaction. Its aesthetic appeal along with modern design create an inviting environment for its users.

With countless performance possibilities and safe blueprint, Linx Racks is the perfect solution to ensure optimum space efficiency. Turn your home, studio or fitness center into a multi functional area with this modular system. Each station can be customized to store BodyKore functional equipment with ability to configure into ANY sized room or wellness center. .

Linx Rack creates and eye catching environment with its enticing visual appeal and functional properties. This innovative modular rack fits functional equipment while creating a training system perfect for cross training, group fitness and body weight exercises. Linx Rack is perfect for storing wall balls, power bags, kettle bells, dumbbells, foam rollers, weight plates and various functional equipment !

Linx Rack customization options include:

  • Pull up bars for body weight and suspension training
  • Hanging hooks for punching bag or suspension systems
  • Bridge configuration that can be used as a jungle gym or group suspension classes
  • Corner stations to maximize space efficiency


  • 5″ x 2.5” 11 Gauge Steel Mainframe
  • Laser Cut numbered mounting points for shelving
  • Weight Capacity: 1000 lbs.
  • Multi-Grip Pull Up/Chinning Bar
  • 14 Slot Mounting Channels for additional storage


  • Single Rack 86″H x 50″W x 40″L
  • Double Rack- 86″H x 99″W x 40″L
  • Corner Rack 86″H x 60″W x 140″L
  • Bridge Rack-86″H x50W x 96″/144″/192″