Power Band Stretch and Exercise Tutorial

Power Band Stretch and Exercise Tutorial

BodyKore power bands will help you increase your flexibility by assisting with your stretching. Create a more powerful, deeper stretch with the use of our resistance bands then you could without them. Use the bands to assist the limb you’re stretching into position. You’ll be able to stretch your arms and legs a little more each time with the assistance of these resistance bands. If you practice yoga, these bands will help you form the shapes and reach the positions you need to reach for optimum health benefits.

Build Your Strength

Use our strength bands for explosive exercises, giving you resistance that no set of weights could. Transform your home into a gym, using these resistance bands to supplement or replace your workouts at the gym. Resistance training and body weight assisted exercises will help you build the lean muscle you need to become healthier and fitter. Add a new dimension to your at home workout with the use of this 5 piece TPR resistance band set.

Regain Mobility

Recovery after an accident or surgery take time and concentrated effort. Working with resistance bands is a low impact way to supplement your physical therapy and help yourself get well faster. The graduated resistances levels allow you to start out with minimal and increase the resistance (an effort you put in) as your injury or surgery area begins to heal. Safe and effective, gentle stretching exercises will help you regain your mobility quicker. Resistance will also help you regain the muscle strength and function you may have lost due to your surgery or injury.

Power Band Stretch Routine

  • Dual Band Upper Body Stretches


  • Single Band Upper Body Stretches
  • Dual Band Lower Body Stretches


  • Single Band Lower Body Stretches


  • Weight Assisted Pull ups and Dips


  • Upper Body Exercise Routine


These bands are great for optimizing stretches for the targeted areas. You can find the
Premium TPR Power/Strength Band 5 PIECE SET at our store here.

Disclaimer: BodyKore does not assume any liability for any injuries that you may incur doing these exercises as the instructional tutorials are not made for every fitness level.  Please check with your Health Care Professional or Doctor before you preform any of these exercises.  

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