BodyKore x RVR Fit Livestream

On March 11th, BodyKore held its second ever livestream with special guest Danny Osle, from RVR Fit. He was joined by our hosts Robert and Ava for an episode at our showroom located in Garden Grove, CA. Throughout the show, Danny told our viewers all about his fitness journey- from lifting weights, to playing racquetball, to using his invention of RVR Fit to jump rope! After hearing about Danny’s personal life and listening to some great stories from his past, Danny showed both Ava and Robert demonstrations on how people can use his unique and versatile product.

The RVR Fit training system gives users a wide variety of options, whether it be used to workout, jump rope, or stretch out your muscles, and it’s practical for all age groups. It is designed with proven methods of training in mind and it perfectly combines the traditional methods of jump roping, body weight exercises, and weight resistance training into a complete training system designed to allow you to work out every single muscle group anywhere and anytime. We are so grateful we got to speak with Danny and learn more about his product. You can catch our livestream every other week on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram Live so stay tuned to see who we bring on next!

Workout of the Month

Fitness coaches James and Michelle Hurst from Handsome Muscle demonstrates some techniques and proper form to perform various landmine workouts on BodyKore’s MX1162 Universal Trainer. Some exercises that were performed include landmine rows with different grip variations, landmine standing press, and landmine goblet squat.

The landmine row is a barbell pulling exercise that builds significance upper body strength and muscle. The landmine row specifically targets the muscles of the upper back and it also works the arms, grip, and even the lower chest muscles. This exercise is extremely versatile and effective for building functional strength through all planes of motion, as well as packing on some serious muscle mass.

The landmine standing press is one of the best exercises to strengthen and grow your deltoids. Stronger shoulders allow you to push heavier objects, perform better in athletics, and boost your overall confidence. Not only that, but with a stronger upper body, you will improve in other exercises as well. This exercise is simple to learn and can boost your functional strength and core stability in no time.

Landmine goblet squats are a strength-training squat variation designed to help you build muscle, develop good form, and train for Olympic weightlifting exercises. This exercise is one of the best squat exercises for helping lifters develop good form and it is easier on your joints. This exercise builds full-body strength, specifically targeting your hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, abs, triceps, deltoids, and trapezius muscles.

Some benefits that landmine workouts provide includes:

Featured New Product

The FL1806 Super Squat is perfect for body building, conditioning, and rehab exercises. Features a protection hook to help assist with beginning and ending each set, squat safely without the need for a spotter. Contoured shoulder pad, backrest pad, rubber foot pad for superior comfort. A large adjustable, non-skid footplate accommodates multiple foot positions for users of any size. The four easily accessible weight horns provide quick changes between reps, for more effective and powerful workouts.

The Plate-Loaded Super Squat is designed to have a natural squatting motion, while reducing back and knee strain through a curved arc of motion. It also employs a standard counterbalance for lower starting resistance.

The Super Squat is an exercise machine exercise that primarily targets the quads and to a lesser degree also targets the glutes and hamstrings. It allows you to perform a squat with a guided trajectory without the risks of losing balance, while still allowing total freedom of movement for the back. This versatile machine combines two leg movements, front squat and hack squat in one unit, making this the ideal equipment for your gym space. Preorder yours today!