QVC/HSN Small Business Spotlight

BodyKore is excited to announce live TV appearances on QVC and HSN Small Business Spotlight where owner and founder Leo Chang goes on air for a live interview to discuss BodyKore’s story. BodyKore’s on-air appearances is set on May 13 through Skype during 4 different times. BodyKore will appear at 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM on QVC, and at 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM on HSN.

We are thrilled to be selected for the Qurate Retail Group’s Small Business Spotlight (SBS) program that will be featured during Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage (AAPI) Month in May. This is a great opportunity to share BodyKore’s story with the 75 million+ QVC, HSN, and Zulily viewers across the U.S. Tune in on May 13 with your tv provider, streaming service, or you can stream online on their websites, and afterwards, some of our products will be available online at QVC and HSN along with a special promotional package. Stay tuned for more updates!

Home Gym Feature

In the luxurious Beverly Hills, the BodyKore team created an at-home gym paradise with this pool house. With our sleek black equipment, we were able to make a gym that not only pushes our client to the limit, but also making it look aesthetic with the room. After some thoughtful planning, we were able to spaciously fit the MX1161EX Dynamic Trainer, G256 Full Squat Cage, G206 Adjustable Bench, and 5-70lb Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set w/ G242 Rack into the room. These machines sit perfectly near the window to get an outdoor breeze, yet escape the suns light. We were also able to install rubber flooring and a 300lb Weight Set to complete the gym. All this equipment can be used for infinite killer workouts or even quick exercises to fit in your busy day.

The equipment that was installed in this home gym include:

Product of the Month

The BodyKore G256 Signature Series Squat Rack Power Cage is everything you would need to begin the build out of your home gym or garage gym space. This squat rack boasts 90” tall to give you plenty of room for pull ups, presses, and cleans. It’s outfitted with a rear expansion and 8 weight horns for plate storage. The 4”x2.5”” 11-gauge steel oval tubing mainframe gives this rack a 1000lb weight capacity, so you can be certain that you have additional storage for all of your plates.

A squat cage or rack is a relatively simple equipment that functions as your spotter while you are lifting weights. This squat cage allows you to get into a position to safely lift heavier weight than you could unassisted. It may not be the first piece of equipment that comes to mind when building out your home gym, but there are a lot of reasons that it can be beneficial to have a squat rack in your arsenal which include


The key purpose of a squat cage or rack is safety. Lifting heavy weights can be dangerous if you are not using the proper equipment. A squat cage allows you to safely integrate weight lifting into your workout routine from the comfort of your own home. If you are working out alone, consider the squat rack your spotter. The design of the rack ensures that if you fall or have to drop your barbell for any reason, the safety bars will prevent the barbell and weights from landing on

top of you. Incorporating heavy weights is an awesome way to level up your home gym. If you want to work out like a pro and be safe while doing it, then a squat rack is a valuable piece of equipment to own.


A squat cage can help you optimize the space in your home gym. The squat cage is a versatile piece of equipment which is why it makes a great addition to your home gym even if you are limited on space. The squat cage can hold your barbell at various heights with its adjustable j-hooks, which means that you can use it for many other forms of weight lifting including deadlifts, overhead presses and barbell lunges. Additionally, you can use a weight bench along with your squat cage to increase its versatility even more.


Many of us were devastated when our normal workout routine was disrupted by the global pandemic. A lot of gyms and fitness studios had to temporarily shut their doors or drastically cut capacity, which meant our workout routine had to evolve quickly. Having a squat cage at home means that you’ll always have the ability to lift weights and keep up with your routine no matter what. We learned that we can’t always count on having access to a gym, but you can always count on the reliability of your squat cage and the convenience of having a functional home gym. Having this versatile piece of equipment readily available means that you’ll be able to get in a workout whenever it works best for your schedule.

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