Linx Racks- Modular Functional Training Storage Rack

Linx Racks- Modular Functional Training Storage Rack



Linx rack appeals to a wide range of performance possibilities in a safe and space efficient manner. Linx Rack was design for cross training, group fitness, and individual training. Linx Racks create an open environment perfect for class interaction. Its aesthetic appeal along and modern design create an inviting environment for its users.


Linx Racks is the perfect solution for saving space and creating efficiency.  Turn your home, fitness studio or fitness center into a multi functional area with this modular system.  Each station can be customized to store various equipment and you can configure it to fit into almost any kind of room.  There are customization options such as:

  • Pull up bars for body weight and suspension training
  • Hanging hooks for punching bag or suspension systems
  • Bridge configuration that can be used as a jungle gym or group suspension classes
  • Corner stations to maximize space efficiency


Linx Rack’s modular design provides various options to meet the needs of any wellness center. Options include The Single Station, Corner Station, and Verticle station, all made of 5mm industrial steel framing. The 16 position mounting shackle allows you to assemble a variety of different accessory frames. Over 10 accessories include:

  • 2 extension post
  • dip bar
  • base and anchor mount
  • mounting shackle
  • Three mounting channel brackets
  • Pull up bar

And more…

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