Workout Tips & Motivation

It’s no secret that committing to working out regularly can benefit your body, both physically and mentally. Being healthy may benefit you through improved sleep, mood, energy, and so much more. But how do you know what makes for a truly effective workout? This article posted by Sweat details all kinds of different tips and motivation help you get through any workout no matter the setting! In fact, you can get started with just some comfortable clothing and some space at home! Check out the full article to get started!

Featured Product of the Month

The BodyKore G701 Signature Series Military Half Rack is the perfect complement to a smaller home gym or garage space. This piece comes equipped with a pull up bar, 10 weight horns and plenty of room to achieve exercises you could expect with a full rack. There are 13 adjustable starting points to attain the desired height and it includes a dip bar, land mine, and band peg attachments making this a versatile unit. It is built from 5″x2.5″ steel tubing which promises strong and sturdy construction, to last for years and years to come. Visit our site and get yours today!

Workout of the Month

Fitness Coaches James and Michelle Hurst from Team Handsome Muscle demonstrates the inverted leg press on the BodyKore Universal Trainer. One of the benefits of using an inverted leg press is the amount of weight you can lift without placing undue stress on your body. Because the weight can only move in a predetermined direction, this positioning helps protect you from injury by allowing you to lift heavy weight without having to worry about stabilizing it throughout the movement. And it works many of the major muscles in your lower body. Click below to view the full tutorial on our YouTube channel @bodykore.

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