Introducing the Chubby

Introducing the Chubby

Ageless Strength’s Chubby is a versatile striking bag that can be used various different exercises.  The bag is made of high quality 20oz vinyl with double stitching for extreme durability.  The measurements of the bag are 17″L x 23 1/2″D and weighs about 7lbs when completely filled.  The Nylon Webbing Straps on the top and bottom of the bag are extremely durable and made for heavy usage.  The chubby can be used for various training methods:

Double End Bag

Uppercut Bag

Choke Bag:

The Chubby can also be filled with different types of material for different types of training.  We filled ours up with Mong Beans and Soy Beans for more weight and hand conditioning:

The Chubby can be purchased with an adjustable mounting strap so you can use it for different types of strikes. Raise it higher for overhead strikes, mid range for jabs and straights and low for low kicks.

Check out our video tutorial on the Chubby Bag by Ageless Strength’s Army Maguire:

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