Introducing the BURN MACHINE

Introducing the BURN MACHINE

BodyKore is proud to introduce the BURN MACHINE to our specialty training line.

The Burn Machine Speed Bag provides a heart-pumping aerobic workout that burns calories, promotes strength, and increases endurance. This convenient, hand-held cardio unit fires up your metabolism to help you melt off pounds and reveal a lean, muscular shape.

The signature exercise of the Speed Bag emulates the movements a boxer uses when he’s punching a Speed Bag. This high-repetition movement raises your heart rate and can provide an effective cardio workout from virtually any position. This benefit is useful for designing workouts that can challenge your body in unfamiliar ways, but it is also helpful for use in physical therapy, for recovering from a sports injury, or for use by wheelchair users or others with limited lower body mobility.

The Speed Bag is used by world-famous athletes such as champion UFC fighters Brock Lesnar and Anderson Silva, as well as teams in major league baseball, the NFL and NBA. Three weight sizes and a series of exclusive Burn Machine workout DVDs make the Speed Bag an essential exercise tool for a wide range of users from beginner to advanced athlete.

Check out this video of MMA Trainer Freddy George as he demonstrates the BURN MACHINE:

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