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Interior Design

Design Concept

  • Gym Design Program
    • We meet with our clients to discuss the goals and operation of the gym or health club.  Here the client provides a clear direction to their gym objectives and what they are expecting from us.
  • Initiate Design Direction
    • Our design team then collects concept images and presents a collage of design ideas to ensure that we are moving in the right direction before proceeding to the next phase.
  • Preliminary Proposal
    • We provide schematic zoning and circulation plans.  These schematic plans give the intensions of the space based on the client’s gym/health club program.
  • Preliminary Schedule
    • At this point, our clients have set a soft open date and project deadline.  The schedules are also subject to change depending on approval stage and coordination.

Design Development

  • Space Plan
    • Once the concept and zoning plans have been confirmed.  Plans and elevations will be further developed for color mapping.
  • Presentation
    • The presentation consists of perspective sketches, material mapped plans and elevations.  It helps to express the interior design intent.  Upon the approval of the presentation, the designer will proceed to tender drawings package for Phase 2.
  • Materials Selections
    • A confirmed material board is provided to the client, contractor and designer for record.  It is also to ensure that the materials selected remain consistent.
  • Equipment Selection
    • Pre-ordered equipment must be selected and confirmed at this point in order for our factory to reserve and prepare equipment to specifications.  The equipment is inspected and readied for shipping.

Design Packages

Our design packages are tailored to fit the client’s specific needs.  Our design and fitness specialist will consult with you to see what you’re looking for in your club and will explain our different options in design services.  The basic design package includes the floor plan layout and equipment proposal to the most intricate package that provides our clients with all the tools to run a successful health club business..