2022 IHRSA Miami Beach Recap

BodyKore is pleased to announce another successful showing at the IHRSA Trade Show in Miami Beach, Florida. This year, BodyKore had a 30×30′ booth where we debuted our new Linx Rack functional training system, Stacked Series Plate Loaded Machines, and the new features on our Universal Series – Universal Trainer, Dynamic Trainer, and Functional Trainer machines. The booth got a lot of attention with the help from our fitness friends Jennifer and Michael who participated in our live workout demonstrations on the Universal Trainer and Linx Rack.

BodyKore’s new Linx Rack is a modular system that has a smith/full cage, cable cross system, and storage rack perfect for commercial gym settings. Our Stacked Series Plate Loaded Machines we showcased included the Chest Press, Seated High Row, Seated Low Row, Squat Press, and Belt Squat. We currently have the squat press and belt squat available online, so stay tuned for our online release date of our new Linx Rack system and the plate loaded Chest Press, Seated High Row, and Seated Low Row!

Digital Catalogs

Get an inside look at BodyKore’s catalogs for the year 2022! Our catalogs include equipment, product, and home gyms where you can view digitally on our website (links provided below). Our equipment catalog consists of our full equipment line ranging from our Isolation, Signature, Elite, Foundation, Alliance, Universal, and Stacked Series with features and technical specifications included.

Our Product Catalog includes free weight and functional training equipment like dumbbells, weight plates, Olympic bars, kettlebells, wall balls, and much more! The Home Gym Catalog showcases a portfolio of some home gyms we have designed and installed as well as a full rundown on our equipment packages from the equipment included and the space needed to accommodate each package.

Product of the Month

BodyKore’s G214 row bench is a quality fitness equipment bench designed for strengthening the upper body using dumbbells or barbells and performing the row movement. Sturdy steel construction with a quality finish is sprayed by electrostatic powder coating that protects the construction from scratches. This free weight bench features quality high cushioning of the seat and chest-rest, allowing users to perform other free weight workouts that include rear delts, isolated bicep curls, and more.

The tutorial video above features Sam Setiaboedhi, a trainer, bodybuilder, and prep coach, who demonstrates all the different types of workouts that can be performed on this row bench. Sam showed some shoulder, rear delts, flys, rows, biceps, and tricep workouts done on different positionings on the bench. As Sam said, “This is the best bench you could possibly have and it is more valuable than an adjustable bench.” Watch the tutorial video above to get the full display of the benefits of this row bench and all the different workouts that can be accomplished.

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