How to Utilize Your Available Space for a Home Gym

How to Utilize Your Available Space for a Home Gym

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]With everything recently going on with the pandemic, you may have decided to build a home gym or utilize a space to dedicate to your daily workouts.  Not everyone has the space for a large buildout.   There are options for you if your space is limited.  Below we will highlight equipment that can be used in various sized spaces, so you can continue to work on your fitness routine from the safety of your own home.

For smaller spaces such as a spare room or part of a living room or family room – let’s use 5’x7’ as an example – you could utilize a set of dumbbells 5-50lbs and an adjustable bench.  Depending on what you choose to display in your home, you could always stow these items away in a closet.  If you are not concerned about equipment being displayed you could utilize a corner of your space or allocate the entire space to your workouts.  Just remember that you want to have a space you can move around freely & comfortably in.  You also want to make sure it is a space you want to work out in.  There are elements you can add to any size space to make it more inviting for your workouts.  Such as a TV or a Bluetooth speaker.  Check out our Dumbbell & Bench Package here.

If you have an extra corner in your garage, basement or even have a full room to utilize, maybe a 10’x10’ space, you may be able to add larger equipment such as a squat rack, bench or a piece of equipment that has total functionality.   In this space you may also be able to incorporate functional training equipment such as kettlebells, wall balls or power bags to round out your home gym.  With functional equipment such as our Universal Trainer, you have multiple pieces of commercial grade equipment all in one setup.  Dual Pulley system, Smith Machine & Leg Press – this will ensure that you will feel like you are actually in a gym setting and maybe cure those “missing the gym” blues.  Check out our Squat Rack, Bench & Weights package here or our Universal Trainer here.

If you have a very large area to allocate to your home gym, such as a full basement or a full garage.  You can build a complete setup.  Please remember in these types of areas you may want to also add flooring, as to protect you equipment from hard concrete floors.  Flooring will also give you better traction for your workouts than a concrete floor would.  In this space, you could add cardio equipment, a functional training machine, functional training equipment pieces and a squat rack and bench.  It really depends on the types of workouts you are looking to achieve.  These options can be higher in cost, but remember you are buying high quality, long lasting equipment which is a great investment and will last you and your family years to come.  If you need help with design and layout of a space like this, you may want to contact a professional designer.  You want your home gym to be somewhere you want to workout, so you will want to personalize it to your needs and what will keep you motivated.  You can check out our Garage Gym Package here and our Home Gym Package here.

All of our packages are customizable and our team can help you build a home gym or garage gym, that fits your needs.  It is also best to have a professional install the larger pieces of equipment to ensure that it properly built on site and working smoothly.  Also, it is best to have them help you with the layout of the larger spaces to ensure total functionality, so you can get the best training sessions possible and stay on top of your goals.

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