Home Gym Packages

BodyKore Equipment packages were built with your space in mind, no matter how large or how small. Not only do we have packages already built out for small and larger sized spaces, all of our home gym equipment packages are customizable to your needs and fitness goals. For smaller spaces we offer our Dumbbells & Bench package, which is a great starter for any size space, but perfect for smaller in home areas or constrained spaces. Because Dumbbells are truly home gym essentials, you can achieve a wide variety of movements to target multiple muscle groups. The BodyKore Multi-Adjustable bench is also a home gym essential offing a seat back that has 6 incline positions ranging from flat to 90 degrees and a seat with three adjustment settings. With this package you will be able to either start building your home gym or garage gym – or you will have two essential pieces to achieve a high quality workout in a compact space | Our other packages are fitting for larger spaces such as a basement or a garage, or even a smaller room in your home. The Home Gym, Garage Gym & Squat Rack, Bench & Weights Package include everything you need to fill your larger space with commercial grade, high quality equipment. Including Our BodyKore Functional Trainer with Dual Pulley System, BodyKore – Signature Series Squat Power Cage, 300lb Olympic Weight Set & BodyKore Air Rower. Each Package is designed to to fit multiple spaces for a wide range of fitness goal and backed by an industry leading warranty.

Dumbbells and bench package

Our dumbbell and bench package is for our clients that don’t have a lot of space to build a full home gym. The rack and bench can fit in the corner of a room, side of a garage or backyard patio. The 5-50lb dumbbells provide a wide range of weights and the adjustable bench allows for countless number of exercises that range from chest and shoulder presses, lat rows, triceps extensions and step up lunges to name a few. Space needed approximately 6’x6’ or 36sqft .

Garage Gym Package

Our garage gym package is designed to convert a single car garage or half of a two car garage into your own home gym. With the full G701 Squat Cage, you’ll have the option to do pull ups, squats, deadlifts, benching and multiple other strength training exercises. The bench and dumbbell set gives you the option of isolated free weight exercises and the optional rower or air bike is great for cardio HIIT and doesn’t take up a ton of room. Space needed approximately 20’x10’ or 200sqft .

Home Gym Package

Our home gym package is designed for customers that have the room to convert a full garage or room into their home gym. This package has all of the strength equipment from the garage gym package with the additional dual pulley Functional Trainer. Space needed approximately 20’x10’ or 200sqft