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Impulse bases on years of experience in R&D and design, developed the brand new H-ZONE group function training station. H-ZONE was based on the concept of Modularity, Flexibility, Versatility, Space Efficient.
We hope,
You can choose the corresponding module according to
your demand and use situation of places.

Flexibility is the most important factor that Impulse consider while designing. The complete set of products consist of four functional modules, five external optional components and a receiving module.

Customers can freely combine and match with different modules according to different size and shape of the space.



Free Rotation


Enhanced Wall Connector

Versatility has been developed to the best. Based on a large number of survey data and user feedback, Impulse found that RACK and HI-LOW are currently the most frequently used equipment in fitness centers and the most popular equipment among coaches and trainers. In addition to the RACK and HI-LOW, Impulse made extension and innovation in order to maximize the usability and utilization.



Accessories: Dip Attachment,
Step Attachment, Pivot
Battle Rope

HI-LOW Module

Accessories: Parallel Bars,
Battle Rope Attachment,
Step Attachment



Multi-Function Module

Accessories: Dip Attachment, Step
Attachment, Pivot, Battle Rope

HI-Function Module

Accessories: TRX,
Climbing, Pull-Up Bar


Storage Module

Accessories: : Kettlebell, Wall Ball,
Medicine Ball


Space is an extremely valuable resource for the club. The three dimensional space design of the H-ZONE ensures the maximum use of space.
It breaks the limited space with infinite possibilities and creates more inspirations and possibilities for users.

In keeping with the trend, Impulse launched ZONE-360 customized group function training station series, which include H-ZONE, X-ZONE, I-ZONE, and O-ZONE.

ZONE-360 integrates body weight training, high-intensity interval training, functional training, core training, group training, cycle training and other popular training methods.

ZONE-360 not only provides professional and high quality equipment and accessories for customers on hardware, but also provides training support and continuous after-sales training on software.