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Full Gym Solutions

Full Gym Solutions

BodyKore is a turn-key solution to health and fitness. Our dynamic professional representatives and enthusiastic team members can provide you with everything you need for your health club or gym. We provide specialized Interior Designers, Fitness Consultants/Trainers and cutting-edge equipment to ensure your project’s success. Our turn-key solution saves you time and money.Contact us today about our gym solution services, start-up gym packages and easy financing.

Project Experience

  • Education (K-12)
  • Fire / Police Station
  • Hotel / Motel
  • Apartments & Condominiums
  • Jail / Prison
  • Club House / Community Center
  • Residential Building
  • Single Family Residential
  • Athletic Field
  • Medical Office
  • Military
  • School / College / University
  • Golf Course
  • Government
  • House
  • Office Building
  • Arena / Stadium
  • Assisted Living
  • Misc Project
  • Fitness Center


Commercial Fitness Equipment
Smith Machines, Leg Press, Hack Squat, Squat Racks, Olympic Benches, Military Benches, Utility Benches, Flat Benches, Lat Machines, Seated Calf Raise, Back Hyperextension, Roman Chairs, Power Towers, Chin/Dip Tower, Vertical Knee Raises (VKR), Dual Adjustable Pulley Systems (DAPS), Plate Loaded Machines, Selectorized Strength Machines, Hip Abductor, Leg Extension, Cable Cross, Chest Press
Functional Training Equipment
Group Training Rack Systems, Storage Racks, Crossfit Rigs, Olympic Lifting Platforms, Bumper Plates, Kettlebells, Wall Balls, Slam Balls, TRX, Suspension Trainers, Resistance Bands, Yoga Bands, Yoga Mats, Power Bags, Maces, Clubbells, Battle Ropes, Plyoboxes

Cardio Equipment
Treadmills, Ellipticals, Steppers, Stepmills, Air runners, Manual Treadmills, Crosstrainers, Airbikes, Spin Bikes, Recumbant Bikes, Upright Bikes, Climbers, Rowers


Fitness Studio Shanghai, China
Completed (Aug 2018)
Fitness Center Compton CA
Completed (Mar 2013)
Fitness Studio Westminster, CA
Completed (Jun 2019)
Fitness Center Garden Grove, CA
Sober Living Center Phelan, CA
Completed (Jun 2019)
Fitness Center Shanghai, CA
Completed (Dec 2018)

LOW A.P.R. (on approved credit)
BAD CREDIT, no problem (on approved down payment)