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Elite Series

Elite Series


Elite’s state of the art design and aesthetic appeal makes it stand out in any setting. The sleek curves with high quality finish can change the look of any room its stationed in. The Elite Series consists of Signature’s line with an added stylistic design and upgraded hardware. Elite’s frame is manufactured from the highest quality steel and is backed by our life time warranty. Added features like urathane mounting hooks, rubber step padding, stainless steel nuts and bolts and extended mounting plates make the Elite Series one of a kind.

Featured Elite Image


Flat Bench. Model No CF2101

• Dimension: L X W X H: 1380* 730* 410 mm
• Weight: 28 kg


Utility Bench. Model No CF2102

• Dimension: L X W X H:1370*730*1085 mm
• Weight: 35 kg


Mutli Ab Bench. Model No CF2103

• Dimension: L X W X H:1580*730*1075 mm
• Weight: 52 kg