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Dynamic Trainer

Dynamic Trainer


The Dynamic Trainer’s New age design and smooth touch give it a futuristic appeal. Thi s inviting trainer reinvents a piece of equipment we have grown familiar with and adds a natural feeling that compliments the body’s movement.

The Dynamic Trainer’s innovative space saving design can be wall mounted or stand freely in a small space or corner. With attachable dip bars, adjustable bench and height adjusting cable arms; the Dynamic trainer is the perfect fully functioning for any clinic, home or fitness center.

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Space Saving – The Dynamic Trainer’s base frame stands only 6″ in depth. The wall mounted application can fit in small rooos or spaces.

The Dynamic Trainer comes with 14 horizontal stall bars so users of all heights and sizes can use it comfortably. The steel rods are made of 3mm industrical steel pipng and can withhod over 500lbs of force.

The Dynamic Trainer has an extened pull-up bar so the rack can be used for body weight and suspension training.

Accessories like a dip bar, step up platform or resistance bands can be connected to the stall bars.

The Dynamic Trainer’s resistance band application is the first of it’s kind. Progressive resistance is a great tool for coordination and rehabilitaion.

The weight stack aparratus goes up to 150lbs on each side. The steel plate weights are connected with stainless pin and guide rods.

The Dynamic Trainer’s adjustable arms have 10 different height adjustments and can be used to target all the different body parts.

The Dynamic Trainer’s flat to incline adjustable bench connects directly to the stall bars for maximizing space effeciency.