Team Handsome Muscle Collaboration

We welcomed our friends Michell and James from Team Handsome Muscle into our studio for a full day of shooting! We collaborated on tutorial videos for the Universal Trainer, Belt Squat, Row Bench, and the preacher curl and leg extension attachments for the MX1169 Bench. These tutorial videos highlight the many different workouts that can be performed on each machine with just a little bit of humor added in. Also, check out Team Handsome Muscle’s online coaching program for exclusive one-on-one personal training and consultation. Watch out in the coming weeks for the release of the tutorials on our website and social media and for more special collaborations on the way!

Content Creation Studio

We are pleased to announce our new content creation studio! We teamed up with Michie Peachie and her husband Wes to create a brand-new setup for our studio. With 4 different backdrops that include white, black, gray, and wood, and new lighting, our new studio is designed for all types of shoots. Our studio will be open to influencers and content creators for rent or trade for content for the BodyKore brand. BodyKore’s newly revamped studio is the perfect place for creators and influencers to create, stage, and shoot content for their social media, blogs, and websites.

Featured Product of the Month

The CF2175 Elite Series Hack Squat combines elegant aesthetics with a robust, heavy-duty frame. The 45-degree angle allows users to add a massive load to the weight load, while the dual safety spotting points give the machine extra safety. The carriage sits on a 50m guide rods with a full line of linear bearings for maximum smoothness and comfort. There’s nothing quite like BodyKore’s Hack Squat so hurry and order yours now!

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