Trending Tik Tok

BodyKore’s first viral Tik Tok has been a hit! With 1.4 million views, 194.6k likes, and over 4000 new followers gained, this Tik Tok continues to get traction and we are proud of the work and time commitment in putting together these fun videos for our viewers to enjoy. We will continuously brainstorm ideas and trends to put more fun content out and put the BodyKore brand on the map. Follow us @bodykore to view more of our videos and to stay updated on more videos to come!

Workout of the Month

Fitness Coach James Hurst from Team Handsome Muscle demonstrates the standing rear delt flys on the BodyKore Universal Trainer. Rear delt flys are excellent exercises to help you improve muscular balance and promote proper rear shoulder and upper back development. Rear delt flies, along with other rear delt and back exercises, can help you balance out all the pressing exercises in your program and forward focused work in your daily life to promote better posture and shoulder health. Click the button below to view the full tutorial on our YouTube channel @bodykore.

Health Benefits of Exercise

Ever wondered what the benefits are that comes from exercising? An article written by Arlene Semeco that was posted on Healthline provides the top 10 ways on how exercise benefits your brain and body. Being active has been shown to have many health benefits, both physically and mentally. It may even help you live longer! Some of the benefits include help with weight loss, skin health, brain health and memory, and relaxation and sleep quality. Tap in to the full article to read more on these benefits!