CrossCore 180 – War Machine Pulley Training System – Official Dealers

CrossCore 180 – War Machine Pulley Training System – Official Dealers

KORE Training is rapidly becoming the next fitness craze, not only nationally but globally.  KORE conditioning has quickly evolved into utilizing many different muscles in the body which consists of stabilizing the hip, torso, and spine.  These three major body parts of the body are the key essential to every work out especially KORE exercises.  There are many benefits to a strong KORE and what it can do for the body.  For one it reduces back pain and is the true foundation of strength.  Further emphasis and training of the KORE helps prevent injuries and allows the torso to work as one solid unit.  There are many products in the market place that helps with the KORE, and we are proud to introduce a product which we feel is the best all around product that will not only give you a complete full body work out but will definitely increase and take your work out routine to the next level.   BodyKore is pleased to introduce the 180 WAR MACHINE™ Pulley System.  This unit is one of the newest and hottest items to hit the fitness scene.

Body Weight Exercises are strength training exercises that do not require free weights; the practitioner’s own weight provides the resistance for the movement. Movements such as the push-up, the pull-up, and the knee raise are some of the most common bodyweight exercises. When using the 180 WAR MACHINE™ Pulley System, the users body angle determines the amount of resistance used for each exercise. Body Weight exercise beginners will want to start with only a slight angle so as to determine the safest amount of resistance possible until they familiarize themselves with the machine and their bodies own limitations.


(1) CrossCore 180 War Machine™ complete pulley training system (strap, pulley, rope, carabiners, handles and training manual)

(1) Door anchor

(1) Heavy Duty canvas carrying bag

(1) Wall/Ceiling anchor (sold separately – coming soon)

CrossCore 180 War Machine™ Advantages:

  • Patent Pending “Locked-N-Loaded” mode fully locks the pulley wheel into “static mode” with the use of a magnetic pin, which greatly adds to the stability of the War Machine when in use. (pictures and video of the new Locked-N-Loaded War Machine coming soon)
  • The Locked-N-Loaded magnetic pin can be easily removed at any time and stored at the top of the pulley. Unlocking the pulley puts the War Machine in “open mode” and allows for more advanced exercises or for freeweights and resistance straps to be used.
  • Handles clip in at the top of the War Machine for exercises where the pulley is not needed and handles need to be higher off the ground (such as knee raises and pull ups)
  • Self leveling handles. The War Machine’s Patent Pending pulley system assures the user will never have to re-adjust the height of the handles during an exercise when in “open mode”.
  • Foot cradle padding keeps straps from cutting into the legs and arms when performing certain exercises like knee raises and hamstring curls.
  • Handles are interchangeable with other cable attachments such as ankle straps, D handles, rope attachments and more.
  • Rope length can quickly and safely be shortened to any length to add versatility to your exercise routine. Adjustment is only needed on one side!
  • Counter weights (maximum 50 lbs), such as a Kettlebell or resistance band, can be added to one side to provide resistance on the other. The War Machine is the only “suspension type” of trainer on the planet to use body weight, freeweight and resistance bands as a means of resistance.
  • Resistance for most exercises can be increased or decreased in “micro increments” simply by moving the feet forward or backward.
  • A crossover (same as cable crossover) can be created by spacing two War Machine’s about 8’ apart and then using weighted resistance, such as a Kettlebell. This creates an unbelievable workout solution for those situated in isolated areas, such as our Troops.
  • Take it with you! Your War Machine™ can go with you to the park, to the gym, on vacation or wherever you’d like to go for a change of pace and it all fits into a convenient carry bag. If you are in the military, the War Machine literally solves all your past problems with trying to source fitness equipment while out in remote areas.
  • Total weight rating is approximately 1,000 lbs. This is a commercial grade piece of equipment and will hold up to whatever you throw at it.
  • Year Limited Warranty on War Machine™ Pulley Unit. 1 Year Limited Warranty on everything else (straps, ropes, carabiners, handles, etc.)
  • Proudly Made In The USA

Perfect For:

  • Anyone on a budget that needs a total body workout that takes up very little space.
  • The beginner. Don’t be intimidated by the name. The War Machine also has a gentle side for those who need it. Because you use your own body weight, adjusting the resistance on most exercises is as simple as moving your feet backward or forward. You are able to start with little to no resistance and increase in “micro increments” at your own pace.
  • Rehabilitation patients. Since the War Machine allows for little or no resistance on many exercises, it may be just what the doctor ordered to get you up and just simply moving around until more resistance via your body weight can eventually come into play. The War Machine is also a great stretching tool.
  • Persons with disabilities. If you use a wheelchair, the War Machine may be the affordable and space efficient way for you to start strengthening that upper body again. Many simple exercises can be performed right from a wheelchair. The adjustable strap and portability makes this a very wheelchair friendly solution. Counter weights and resistance bands can be attached to one side giving you endless possibilities and capabilities.
  • Outdoor training enthusiasts. Strap the War Machine to any sturdy point of attachment such as a pole, beam, tree branch or any place you desire.
  • Sports related training of all kinds. The War Machine is non sport specific and will make you more flexible, stronger and will greatly improve balance and core strength. If you want to excel in what you do, the War Machine can greatly help you break through your plateaus.
  • Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Special Ops. The War Machine is rugged, light weight, compact and an extremely effective tool for the entire body that only requires the users body weight. It is made in the USA with only top quality and extremely strong components. Overall weight capacity is approx. 1,400 lbs.
  • Group Training Facilities. The War Machine can be set up quickly to use in any mobile or permanent group training facility.
  • High Schools and Colleges. The War Machine will teach your students the importance of using proper form while working out, flexibility and the importance of a strong core. Since only body weight is used, the War Machine is a very safe supplement or alternative to traditional weightlifting programs. The War Machine is currently being used by the entire coaching staff at UCLA and has received rave reviews from them and their students. It has now become a very important implementation into their training routines.
  • Those of you who support American Made products. The War Machine is Proudly Made In The USA.

For more information regarding the CrossCorePTS can be found here.

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