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CrossCore 180 War Machine Works out the Military

CrossCore 180 War Machine Works out the Military

CrossCore 180’s JP and Brendan went out to the desert to demonstrate the War Machine at the US Army Military Base.  At first the soldiers were skeptical of the War Machine but after a few exercises they were true believers in the product.  The crosscore unit is the revolutionary product of suspension training and perfect for those looking to work multilateral motions and planes for each specialized work out.  The video demonstrates a few of the countless of work outs that can be done with this “gym in a bag” that only weighs 5 pounds and is great for traveling!  When using the WAR MACHINE™ Pulley System, the users body angle determines the amount of resistance used for each exercise. Body Weight exercise beginners will want to start with only a slight angle so as to determine the safest amount of resistance possible until they familiarize themselves with the machine and their bodies own limitations. Includes: (1) War Machine™ complete pulley training system (strap, pulley, rope, carabiners, handles and training manual for countless of exercises) (1) Heavy Duty canvas carrying bag.  Please view the video below and have the War Machine work YOU out!   America’s finest soldiers uses it…shouldn’t you?

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