A perfectly-organized floor plan helps maximize your space efficiency and allows you to fill out your fitness area with all the necessary components to meet your training goals.

While taking space constraints into consideration, our multi-functional racks and combo units are the perfect solution for anyone looking to add a gym in their home. With the help of our trained consultants, we can assist you in designing your dream gym to fill all the equipment you require for your fitness journey.

The Dynamic Trainer is the ultimate home gym system. Combining a dual pulley system with multiple attachments, this allows the unit to be used as a squat rack, bench press, lat pull down, multi-grip pull up and dip station, Olympic bar and weight storage, band pegs and landmine attachment.

This compact unit is high quality, heavy duty, and extremely robust as well as aesthetically pleasing. The Complete Home Gym package is ideal for all fitness enthusiasts looking to get a full workout without ever leaving the comfort of home.

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