Supply Chain Crisis

The supply chain issue continues to affect equipment retailers, with rising consumer prices and increased mayhem at factories, ports, and shipping yards due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The tightness in warehouses explains why U.S. ports remain seized by dysfunction, especially the busiest one at the Los Angeles and Long Beach complex of terminals. With limited room to stash goods offloaded from inbound vessels, containers have piled up on docks uncollected which has prompted port overseers to force ships to float offshore for days and even weeks before they are able to unload. As ports work through the backlog, they are contending with structural problems that include aging and overtaxed infrastructure, a shortage of chassis used to haul containers with trucks, and not enough drivers, even as trucking companies increase pay.

The pandemic did not eliminate spending so much as shift it around. People are directing their dollars to outfitting their homes for life under lockdown. Many of these goods are produced in China and the surge of demand swamped the availability of shipping containers at ports in Asia, delaying transport. As ships arrived at ports from Los Angeles to Georgia, they carried more cargo than dockworkers and truck drivers could handle and stacks of uncollected containers continue to pile up. An article from Bloomberg states, “About 1,700 dockworkers at West Coast ports have tested positive for Covid-19 in January, stretching capacity at the U.S.’s busiest gateway for shipping containers. About 80% of January’s reported infections were at the U.S.’s two largest ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.”

Once a household spends thousands of dollars to outfit an exercise room, its occupants may not return to their old gym once the pandemic ends. Rather than shell out money for a gym membership, they may opt to invest in additional gear at home, adding more weights or equipment. BodyKore has been able to adapt to these supply chain challenges by staying ahead of trends and constantly analyzing the current and future state of the market. BodyKore foresaw the supply chain issues and ordered products appropriately ahead of time through multiple shipment avenues and logistics, and are now stocked up on inventory. With a downward trend of covid infections, the worst may be behind us as the supply chain try to navigate around this conundrum.

Project Portfolio

In Redlands, CA an athletic training facility called The Lab 909 has grown. The gym is owned by Terrance Smalls and focuses on beginner to advanced athletic training for all ages. The Lab 909 is known for their expert trainers, but even more praised for their community environment. To help develop the fitness goals of each community member, BodyKore installed a multitude of equipment in their space. Our BodyKore team was able to become part of The Lab 909 family while also providing the best quality machines for them.

Equipment Installed:-

BodyKore New Line of Products

BodyKore launched a new line of plate loading equipment under our stacked series that is in stock now and includes a hip thrust, belt squat, super squat, adjustable hack squat, sissy squat, abdominal pullover, a new preacher curl, and an isolateral leg press machine. This new line of equipment is not like most equipment you see at commercial gyms and they target specific areas of your body muscles. Like all BodyKore equipment, the new equipment is constructed with commercial-grade quality. Each equipment’s frame receives an electrostatic black powder coat finish to ensure maximum adhesion and durability. Throughout the whole launch period, we provided our audience with exclusive sneak peeks on our social media platforms as well as tutorial videos of the equipment on our YouTube channel. You can view the new equipment on our website.

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