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Home Gym Feature Located in Arcadia, the BodyKore team transformed a small room into an elite at-home gym. Utilizing the space and window light of the room, the client can comfortably workout with a view. This installation includes the MX1162 Universal Trainer, CF2106 adjustable bench, and a 5-100lb rubber hex dumbbell set with G243 Rack, which are essential pieces for challenging all parts of your body. With these innovative and durable equipment, the exercise options are endless.The equipment that was...

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Mark Your Calendars for BodyKores Appearance on the QVC/HSN Small Business Spotlight and Check Out Our New Beverly Hills Home Gym Install

QVC/HSN Small Business Spotlight BodyKore is excited to announce live TV appearances on QVC and HSN Small Business Spotlight where owner and founder Leo Chang goes on air for a live interview to discuss BodyKore’s story. BodyKore’s on-air appearances is set on May 13 through Skype during 4 different times. BodyKore will appear at 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM on QVC, and at 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM on HSN.We are thrilled to be selected for the Qurate Retail Group’s...

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Check Out EBS and Some Nutrition Tips to Keep You at Your Healthiest!

https://bodykore.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/EBS-Anthony-Woods_2_2.mp4 EBS Grand Opening On April 9, BodyKore’s partnered gym EBS Performance & Fitness had its official grand opening to the public! Many people gathered to the event and took a tour of the facility to check out the equipment and meet the trainers. Some NFL players were in attendance at the grand opening, which include co-owner of EBS and Philadelphia Eagles safety Marcus Epps and Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts. Also in attendance were influencers, fitness coaches, and other partners/vendors...

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Finding Inspiration for Your Gym

https://youtu.be/qTdB-GssuvI Home Gym Feature Take a look at this stunning home gym installation done by BodyKore on the rooftop deck of this beautiful estate in the Hollywood Hills. Not only does the deck have great covering to protect the equipment from damage, but it also provides shade for the owner so he can comfortably workout. The rooftop also offers a nice drift from the wind coming down the hills, making this an ideal outdoor workout spot. Our new Portfolio Series...

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New Live Stream Guest, Workout, and Product Coming Your Way!

https://youtu.be/FrHvfS4fz9A BodyKore x RVR Fit Livestream On March 11th, BodyKore held its second ever livestream with special guest Danny Osle, from RVR Fit. He was joined by our hosts Robert and Ava for an episode at our showroom located in Garden Grove, CA. Throughout the show, Danny told our viewers all about his fitness journey- from lifting weights, to playing racquetball, to using his invention of RVR Fit to jump rope! After hearing about Danny’s personal life and listening to some...

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March Newsletter

BodyKore Livestream For those of you who may have missed it, this past Wednesday, February 23rd, we livestreamed our first ever BodyKore episode on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram! To plan for this live broadcast, we created an awesome flyer, and spread the news through our social media platforms and through friends and family. Our host, Robert, dove into a Q&A on a woman’s perspective on working out in a public setting with our first guest, Ava. This episode featured questions...

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Website and Inventory Revamp!

Large Inventory in Stock After months of inventory issues due to the supply chain crisis, BodyKore is pleased to announce that our containers have been released and delivered to us. Over the past couple of weeks, we have received numerous containers and have shipped out most of our customer’s orders.

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Choke on the water

Supply Chain Crisis The supply chain issue continues to affect equipment retailers, with rising consumer prices and increased mayhem at factories, ports, and shipping yards due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The tightness in warehouses explains why U.S. ports remain seized by dysfunction, especially the busiest one at the Los Angeles and Long Beach complex of terminals. With limited room to stash goods offloaded from inbound vessels, containers have piled up on docks uncollected which has prompted port overseers to force...

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February Newsletter

New Product Launch We launched a new line of plate loading equipment that is in stock now and will be added to our website this month. This new launch includes 2 different hack squats, a sissy squat, a new preacher curl, an adominal pullover, and an iso leg press machine. Like all BodyKore equipment, the new equipment is constructed with commercial-grade quality. Each equipment's frame receives an electrostatic black powder coat finish to ensure maximum adhesion and durability. Stay tuned...

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January Newsletter: Inverted Leg

Workout Tips & Motivation It’s no secret that committing to working out regularly can benefit your body, both physically and mentally. Being healthy may benefit you through improved sleep, mood, energy, and so much more. But how do you know what makes for a truly effective workout? This article posted by Sweat details all kinds of different tips and motivation help you get through any workout no matter the setting! In fact, you can get started with just some comfortable...

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