Exercises to Increase Ankle Stability and Power

Do you every feel sore ankles in the morning? Or pain during a little sprint? How often do you look at your ankles and focus on rotating the joint? The very foundation of many movements requires our feet for both Mobility and Stability. It’s easy to shrug off early morning soreness to past injuries or ‘getting older’ aches. There are many reasons why it may happen but fortunately there are a handful of instinctual movements that you can do on a slanted [...]


Full Body Stretch Guide from BodyKore

At BodyKore, we are constantly striving to provide you with the best  user experience.  Whether that is through education (tutorials, articles or videos), quality products, or superior customer service, we show value to our loyal community.  As a valued customer, we’d like to give back and provide you with our full body stretch guide to help with your body’s mobility and overall wellness.   Practicing these simple stretches every day will increase your flexibility, leading to a healthier and more [...]


Calf, Achilles Tendon and Foot Stretches with the Posturenomic Slant Board

The Achilles tendon or heel cord is the largest tendon in the body, stretching from the calcaneus (back of the heel) to the calf muscles. The calf is comprised of two 2 muscles; Gastrocnemius originates on the medial and lateral condyles of the femur while the Soleus are distal originating on the tibia and fibula. The gastrocnemius has two heads that proximally attach to the tibia and fibula causing the posterior ascetics of the calf. The Soleus is found [...]


Ultimate Stretch Rack Tutorial

Ultimate Stretch Rack BodyKore’s Ultimate Stretch Rack is the perfect rack for optimal stretching and body weight training.  The Ultimate Stretch Rack is designed from the attributes of a traditional stall bar that gymnasts used for over 100 years in all areas of the world.  Gymnasts use stall bars for simple body weight exercises and optimal stretching routines.  The Ultimate Stretch Rack stands at 86″ tall with a width of 30″ and has 12 lateral bars that are made to [...]


Power Band Stretch and Exercise Tutorial

BodyKore power bands will help you increase your flexibility by assisting with your stretching. Create a more powerful, deeper stretch with the use of our resistance bands then you could without them. Use the bands to assist the limb you’re stretching into position. You’ll be able to stretch your arms and legs a little more each time with the assistance of these resistance bands. If you practice yoga, these bands will help you form the shapes and reach the [...]


Ultimate Stretch TPR Band Tutorial

Ultimate Stretch Kit Physical therapy is the treatment of injury, or deformity by physical methods such as massage, heat treatment, and exercise rather than by drugs or surgery. Therapy strives to reduce pain, increase flexibility, range of motion, and function, build strength, and correct posture. One great way of achieving success in physical therapy routines is the use of resistance bands. We are glad to introduce a unique set of resistance bands specially made to assist you with muscle and [...]



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