Fixed and Adjustable Benches


BodyKore’s large array of benches comes in various designs that includes fixed and adjustable positions. Any BodyKore bench is a good addition to make as a focal point for your strength training, ensuring you can reap the full benefits of reps and sets.

Cushion seats create ultimate comfort by using wear impact resistance leather and high strength density foam.

Benches can easily be adjusted by a simple pin lock system. Designed to save space by giving users options to go from 180 degrees to 90 degrees and everything in between.

Rubber footings and wheels give the Signature series stability and the option to move for easy storage.

Integrated handles create easy movement of benches throughout wellness center .

Adjustable Benches

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Flat Benches

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Air Runner

Air Bike

Air Rower

5-50lb Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set

Universal Trainer

Leg Extension/Curl

Lat Pulldown/Seated Row

Leg Press

Hack Squat

Smith Machine


Cardio consists of aerobic exercises—aka, any type of activity that elevates your heart rate for a prolonged period of time. Our cardio equipment is specially designed for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and does not require electricity to operate. All machines are powered solely by the user, making the workout easily customizable to your needs. Equipment from this line includes the Air Runner Treadmill, Air Bike, Air Rower, and Spin Bike.


Chiefly used for strength training, a set of dumbbells are an essential in any home gym. Our rubber-coated dumbbell sets come in Hexagon and Round Pro models: the stainless steel, contoured-grip handles offer a comfortable feel for the user while maintaining an elegant, polished look. Timeless, sturdy, and a classic part of any workout, these dumbbells are made to last.


A good workout requires good equipment. BodyKore’s commercial-grade fitness machines are backed by an industry-leading 10 year warranty. The industrial tensile strength cables connect to a high-grade steel stack weight system with a standard 220lb weight stack on each machine. If you’re looking for a high-quality workout experience from the comfort of home, browse BodyKore’s versatile collection and find the machine which suits you best.


BodyKore’s Strength Line is for anyone looking to elevate their strength training routine. Every power rack and bench is made of robust, heavy-gauge steel tubing and is put together with industrial-strength bolts and nuts. The elegant designs give each piece its own unique look, while the heavy-duty framing allows for continuous use that is built to stand the test of time.

A Place for gym equipment

BodyKore is a turn-key solution to health and fitness. Our dynamic professional representatives and enthusiastic team members can provide you with everything you need for your health club or gym. We provide following services :

More Accessories for More Functionality

Take your garage cabinetry to the next level, with durable, high-quality accessories designed to fit our sets with precision.

Tough as Nails. Sophisticated in Style.

Heavy-gauge, scratch and stain resistant steel storage; we build cabinets for real life use. That means they hold up to paint spills, messy jobs, rogue pets and ruthless children, and still look great after years of use.

Engineered for heavy use

Industrial paint finish

Stain, scratch and rust resistant


Strength in Numbers

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Lbs. Maximium Weight Capacity


Inch Deep Storage


Cubic Feet of Space


Inch Tall Lockers

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A personalized approach. Simply select the components you need to build your ideal setup, tailored to your specifications.

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Compare our cabinets to the competition. You’ll see why we come out on top.

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