BodyKore’s Exclusive Product Line

BodyKore’s Exclusive Product Line

BodyKore is the premier source for innovative training methods and the latest state of the art products.  We are constantly searching for the best new products on the market as well as the most effective training methods for a stronger and healthier living to offer our clients.

Below is a list of our product line:

BodyKore– Offers the best products out in today’s market place at competitive prices.  Your one stop shop for anything related to fitness!

Aeromat– Aeromat offers a wide variety of high quality medicine balls, yoga mats and foam rollers.

Ageless Strength– Promotes ancient and useful forms of exercises.

Athletic Training Innovations– Designs, manufactures, and distributes athletic training products created for plyometric, resistance, and speed training.

Burn MachineThe Burn Machine equipment increases cardiovascular and muscular endurance, builds core strength, burns calories and promotes lean muscle.

Century– Provides the finest martial arts equipment in the industry.

Concept 2– Offers extensive line of quality rowers and products for cardio and rehab work-outs.

CrossCore PTS– The best suspension training product that offers exercises for multilateral movements.

EFX– Manufactures, distributes and licenses holographic performance technology around the world.

IndoBoard– Balance board utilizing the core muscles and making work outs intense.

MASS Suit– Resistance band full body suit to take your training to the next level.

ProStrike Training System– The ultimate all around training unit to improve striking and accuracy.

Stick-E Yoga– Innovative Yoga products promoting cleanliness, uniqueness, to the meditative art.

Stroops MMA– Elite training products with its patented Slastix technology.

Zebra Mats– Offers world class flooring systems to the striking arts and grappling martial arts industries.

Remanufactured Equipment

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