BodyKore Presents: Robot MMA- West LA

BodyKore Presents: Robot MMA- West LA

Robot MMA, located in West Los Angeles CA, was established in 2009 under the name Robot BJJ.  The gym, formerly located at 11870 Santa Monica Blvd, recently moved to their new location at 2028 Stoner Ave (about 5 blocks down) in West LA and asked BodyKore to help outfit their gym..  The  new 4,000 sq ft. facility offers a wide assortment of training ranging from jiu-jitsu, muay thai,  strength training, suspension training, private MMA training, and many other group type exercises.

Check out some of the pictures below:

Huge Grappling Area

Extremely spacious

Wall Mount Heavy Bag Racks w/ 150lb Banana Bags

Fully Furnished Weight Room- Rubber Flooring, Squat Cages, Kettlebells, Rubber Hex Dumbbells, Benches and Racks

Check out the rest of the pictures below:

About Robot MMA

Robot’s Origins

Robot’s roots began in 2006 at UCLA whenTim Peterson began teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu along with David Telfer. At 20 years old, Tim became the head instructor for the UCLA BJJ classes and head coach for the UCLA BJJ Team along with assistant coach David Telfer. Tim and David quickly developed a formidable program at UCLA and a competitive team that brought home medals from the World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships and Pan American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships, establishing UCLA BJJ has a contender in the competive world Jiu Jitsu scene. After Tim and David graduated from UCLA undergrad and UCLA Law, respectively, they dropped their other careers and opened Robot in 2009.

Robot BJJ and Lotus BJJ

In addition, Robot is an affiliate of Lotus Club BJJ. Lotus Club has been a powerhouse in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for many years. Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Lotus has a strong presence in Southern California under the leadership of famed fighter Giva Santana. Among Giva’s many accomplishments as a Jiu Jitsu and MMA fighter, he won the Pan American Championships at black belt in 1999 and 2005. Furthermore, he has beaten the likes of Damian Maia and other Jiu Jitsu greats in various BJJ tournaments. Giva currently teaches a master class at Robot and runs the Robot program in conjunction with Tim Peterson.

Tim has had many notable wins including bronze in the Pan American Championships, 1st place at Grappler’s Quest, 1st place at the California Classic, silver at the Copa Pacifica and wins in numerous Superfights. David has also won and medaled in significant tournaments such as the Copa Pacifica, Best of the West and various tournaments in Brazil where he trained for a year.

Other Robot fighters have medaled in numerous competitions including the World Championships, the Pan-Americans, multiple victories at the Copa Pacifica and the Best of the West.

Robot Muay Thai

Robot has worked hard to develop a top Muay Thai program in addition to its heralded BJJ program. The hard work has paid off and Robot now has the strongest Muay Thai program on the West Side of Los Angeles and Santa Monica. Whether you are interested in conditioning, ring fighting or MMA, Robot’s Muay Thai program has all the elements you need.

Robot’s Mission Statement

Robot has strived to keep up the reputation it started at UCLA for producing intelligent, compassionate and fierce fighters. We also continue to remain open minded to adding new programs, classes and methods. We are always moving foward, building a better and stronger school and making our students’ experience as beneficial as possible.

– Tim and David



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