BodyKore Presents: Freddy George’s Ultra Fit Circuit

BodyKore Presents: Freddy George’s Ultra Fit Circuit

BodyKore asked elite Fitness and MMA trainer Freddy George to help us create a workout with some of the products that we carried and here’s what he came up with: The Ultra Fit Circuit also known as the Gym in the Bag.  The circuit was set up at three 5 minute rounds to simulate an MMA Fight.  The exercises go from linear to functional training and then to anaerobic and back to aerobic exercises.  The interval time of each station was set at 45 seconds so the exercises were done at the highest level of intensity then a short 5 second rest as the participants moved onto the next station.  Check out the exercises below:

Station 1: Stroops Accelerator

Station 2: Stroops Anaconda Battle Ropes

Station 3: Jump Stretch Band

Station 4: Medicine Ball Wall Throw

Station 5: Erik Paulson Motion Master Bag Position Changes and Strikes

Station 6: Stroop Bands Shoulder Press and Deltoid Raises

Station 7: Olympic Rings Elevated Pull Ups

Station 8: Elbow and Knee Strikes on Tear Drop Bag

Station 9: TRX Suspended Push-Up and Tri-Cep Extension

Station 10: War Machine Freestyle Stroke

Station 11: Keg Lifts

Station 12: Bulgarian Bag Swings

Station 13: Airdyne Sprints

Station 14: Universal Burn Machine Skull Crushers

Station 15: Burn Machine Speed Bag

Station 16: BodiRocker Push-Up

Station 17: Horizontal Leg Press

Station 18: Vertical Chest Press

Station 19: Leg Extension

Station 20: Leg Curl

Station 21: High Knee Lifts on Plyobox

Check out the Promo Video Clip here:

And the FULL Length Video here:

Freddy George is the Fitness Editor for TapouT Magazine and MMA Worldwide.  He is also the co-owner and trainer of CSW Training Center in Fullerton, CA.  To find out more info, you can visit him online at: and or email him at

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