BodyKore Official Dealers of the Indo Board Balance Trainer

BodyKore Official Dealers of the Indo Board Balance Trainer

BodyKore is excited to be official dealers of the Indo Board.  Some of you may or may not be familiar with the Indo Board so please allow us to shed some light on it.  The Indo Board is a balance trainer that is simple, stable and user friendly.  Core training is rapidly becoming the next fitness craze that it was inevitable that include  Indo Board to add to our ever growing specialty line of fitness products.  The Indo Board itself is a great product that not only helps strengthens the core group of muscles but also promotes balance and is  very fun and addicting once you get yourself on the board!  BodyKore is very proud to offer this item to our customers of all age groups and for those looking to take their core training above and beyond while having a bit of fun in the process!  The basic goal is to ride the Indo Board as long as possible while keeping the board from touching the ground.

The Indo Board is offered in many different color options ranging but not limited to natural, blue, green, wave etc.   The original “basic” Indo Board is 30″x18″ and has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds and includes a 6.5″ diameter roller.

The Indo Pro is a great tool for riders that are taller/bigger as it gives them more room for a wider stance and is actually more stable.  Many other accessories that Indo Board offers allows more innovative concepts to provide the client different work out routines.   DO NOT be fooled by cheap imitations out there.  This is the balanced trainer board that you want.

The Indo Original Training Package combines the “Original” model deck, roller, and the IndoFLO® Balance Cushion. This offers the benefits of the IndoFLO® Balance Cushion in addition to our roller in one complete package. This training package provides a complete workout unit without taking up a lot of space.

The mouth inflatable IndoFLO® Balance Cushion is used as an alternative to the roller. You can adjust the degree of instability on the cushion with the level of inflation. Less inflation means more stability while inflating the cushion to it’s maximum creates the most instability. The basic difference from deck and roller configuration is the deck does not actively roll on the cushion, it simply tilts offering a full circle of instability that is challenging in a fun way yet difficult to ride and bring under control.  The IndoFLO cushion is an integral part for fitness because it allows for all users to immediately use the product (no learning curve with the cushion) and is great for instability resistance training for everyone from beginner to advanced.

What you have is a mini gym in the comfort of your living room! You can perform functional fitness exercises on both the roller and cushion in combination with dumb bells, stretch bands, and medicine balls such as squats, push-ups, oblique twists, lunges and wood chops. Using the Training Package system lets you engage both the upper body and lower body simultaneously and will add new dimension to any training regime. You create what suits your goals, whether it’s better coordination and balance or sports specific functional multiplanar training.

Indo Boards were originally created for surfers to train and have fun when not in the water. Now all board sports have come “on board” for one of the most fun and challenging training products on the market. Today the Indo Board is moving into the fitness market as a new innovative approach to incorporate fun into core training.

BodyKore suggests the following colors in the Original Board: natural, blue, green, rasta, wave, bamboo beach and yin yang.

For the Pro we suggest natural, surf classic, sunburst and spiral.

More information on the Indo Board as well as a full product review complete with detailed pictures and videos will be posted as soon as possible!  To purchase the Indo Board please view our store.

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