BodyKore MASS – Maximum Athletic Strike Suit – Product Review

BodyKore MASS – Maximum Athletic Strike Suit – Product Review

Resistance bands have gradually become one of the newest exercise and fitness crazes.  They are also overlooked by many people looking to increase strength just because they are bands.  Most of us tend to pick up a set of weights until we find our target range of comfort and then gradually move up as we tend to build muscle.  With the bands itself there are many different resistance and thickness and lengths.  There are actually many different exercises one can do when incorporating the resistance bands to their work out.   For example, you can stand on the band and grip the handles for bicep curls or overhead presses to work on the shoulders.   You can attach it to a door and do lat pull downs or tricep pushdowns.   The possibilities are endless and most of all they are easy to travel with and affordable for the end-user compared to purchasing a full set of different weights.   With that said BodyKore is proud to introduce a full body resistance suit that is guaranteed to enhance your work out routine and allow you to be more explosive and faster.

The BodyKore Maximum Athletic Strike Suit is a state of the art product used for EXTREME training.  The concept of the suit is resistance training that builds endurance, muscle reflex and explosive movements throughout your exercise.  The suit provides a full body workout in each movement by attaching your limbs to your body with resistance bands.  The resistance works every muscle by forcing your body to constantly trying to keep balance and by tightening your KORE.

For this product review, we break down the BodyKore Maximum Athletic Strike Suit and show various exercises that the suit can be used with.

MASS unassembled

The suit come in 9 seperate pieces (Vest, (2) Elbow Attachments, (2) Knee Attachments, (2) Hand Grips, (2) Foot Attachments).  The limb attachments are made of high quality Neoprene and Nylon Straps with Velcro for latching. The vest is made of is made of a high quality composite of Mesh, Nylon, Polyester, Cotton and Foam padding for comfort.


The elbow straps measure 26″ in length  and can be adjusted from 12″ to about 18″ around the bicep and 11″ to 17″ around the forearm.


The knee straps measure 28″ in length and can be adjusted from 14″ to 21″ around thigh and 13″ to 20″ around the calves.


The vest can be adjusted from around 26″ around the chest all the way up to over 52″ and 30″ around the waste to over 60″.



The suit can basically fit a child under 5′ tall/80 lbs to a man over 7′ tall/300 lbs and pretty much every one in between.  The only concern I have about the fitment is the maximum diameter of 21″ around the thighs and 18″ around the bicep.

Resistance Bands

The starter BodyKore MASS package comes with  8 resistance attachment bands- (2) Arm Attachments (Heavy), (2) Elbow Attachments  (Moderate), (2) Knee Attachments (Light), (2) Leg Attachments (Light) .


The suit has a total of 14 separate clips that the bands can be attached for different resistance levels and intensity which can be purchased separately here.


The bands can also be removed for removed or switched for different workouts.

(2) Arm Bands, (1) Elbow Band to intensify upper body workouts:


(2) Leg Bands & (2) Knee Band to intensify lower body workouts:




We were able to use the BodyKore MASS suit in wide range of exercises from striking training, weight lifting, running and cycling.  The possibilities and uses for the BodyKore suit is endless.  Use it for everyday training or simply use it just walking around the house.  You are sure to feel a complete work out and build to your work out regime.    Many athletes or even the average fitness individual is always looking to up their game and gain that competitive edge.   The suit has been fitted on children as short as four feet with the least resistance to a seven foot pro athlete with the heaviest resistance.  The suit is pretty much a one size fits most!  Resistance bands ARE the future and what better way to ring in the new year with this newly and highly anticipated Resistance Band suit.

Below are some exercises we were able to train with using the MASS Suit:

Lateral Deltoid Raises- The MASS Suit intensifies this exercise by binding your elbow and wrist to your body.   The conventional movement of the raise works out Lateral deltoid (mid delt), Anterior deltoid (front delt),  Traps and Serratus (rib muscles).  With MASS the movement is intensified with constant resistance.  By binding the forearm and wrist, the Tricep and Forearm muscles will also be worked throughout the movement.  By binding the legs and knees, the KORE is also being worked by constant contraction when stabilizing and balancing your body.


Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press- The conventional movement of the press works out the Anterior deltoid (front delt),  Posterior Deltoid (rear delt), Traps.  By binding the forearm and wrist, the Bicep, Forearm and Lat muscles will also be worked throughout the movement as well as your KORE as previously mentioned.DSC07737

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