Dynamic Trainer

Dynamic Trainer


Introducing BodyKore’s Dynamic Trainer.  The Dynamic Trainer is a complete stretching, body weight and functional training exercise system.  Inspired by a traditional stall bar, the Dynamic Trainer adds an 8 point adjustable pulley system, 12 horizontal stretch bars, and an extended pull up/suspension training bar. The rack is built with a solid commercial grade 3″x3″ frame, 3mm thick bars and finished with a beautiful glossy silver finish and black powder coated bars.

Dynamic Trainer 2

The Dynamic Trainer is the perfect system for your gym, clinic or home because of it’s compact frame and space saving size.  There are two variations of Dynamic Trainer a wall mount and free standing system:

The Wall Mount system stands at (…).  It only comes out so stands



Free Standing Unit



The Dynamic Trainer is the first innovative multi-functional rack that uses a Resistance Band Pulley System that is revolutionizing the fitness industry. The Resistance Band Pulley System works with the natural progressive force generated by the muscles; as the tension increases so does the resistance. As our muscles generate more force later in contraction so does the Dynamic Trainer. This means that one repetition requires more work than a typical stack weight machine that maintains constant weight.

Dynamic Trainer 3

Some of the accessories we’ve made available to the Dynamic Trainer is an adjustable bench and dip bars.

Dynamic Trainer 4

Dynamic Trainer 5 Dynamic Trainer 6

Dip BarsIMG_5272

We also have the Dynamic Functional Trainer which is a free standing unit that uses weight plates instead of the resistance band system.

Dynamic Functional Trainer

Dynamic Functional Trainer 2

The Dynamic Functional Trainer uses a 220lb weight stack in each of it’s adjustable arms.Dynamic Functional Trainer 5

Dynamic Functional Trainer 4 .

Standard stall bar set up with a multi grip

Dynamic Functional Trainer 3

Dynamic Functional Trainer 6



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