BodyKore Feature Article on Yahoo Sports

BodyKore Feature Article on Yahoo Sports

Since tweeting this picture of UFC’s Kenny Florian training UFC’s Octagon Brittney Palmer it generated so much buzz that Yahoo Sports did an article about us.  Thanks to the BodyKore sponsored gymBlackHouse for originally sharing the photo with us.  Please enjoy the article below.


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Yahoo! Contributor Network By Cheryl Ragsdale,

A photo of UFC fighter, Kenny Florian and UFC Ring Girl, Brittney Palmer practicing no-gi BJJ—tweeted by BodyKore—caused quite a stir on Twitter.

From @Siantastic: “I predict this photo will generate the most hate tweets ever received by @kennyflorian from both males & females. @BodyKore @BrittneyPalmer”

From @SirHotBod: “@BodyKore @brittneypalmer @kennyflorian @blackhousemma ok I knew KenFlo was living the good life before but this is just silly #luckydude”

From @Kreuts: “@BrittneyPalmer @kennyflorian I wish I had the moves like Kenny, or at least the cauliflower ears! Chicks love cauliflower ears”

Battle scars. Yes, informal studies show, chicks love stuff like that. They make great conversation starters.

Fighters sponsored by BodyKore

“You wanna be a pro fighter? Doesn’t look like much fun, does it?” says elite Fitness and MMA trainer, Freddy George at the CSW Training Center in a BodyKore sponsored training  video for MMA fighters.

Freddy George is the Fitness Editor for “Tapout” magazine and “MMA Worldwide”. He is also the co-owner and trainer of CSW Training Center in Fullerton, CA.

UFC Fighter and also BodyKore sponsored fighter, Brian Bowles (10-1-0) is scheduled to fight former WEC champion, Urijah Faber (25-5-0) at UFC 139: Shogun vs. Henderson, in San Jose, CA on November 19th.

Bowles is the only fighter to knock out Miguel Angel Torres. If his record is any indication, this fight with Faber is in line to win him another lucrative fight bonus.

Bowles has won WEC Submission of the Night awards against Damacio Page and Will Ribeiro—and KO of the Night against Torres. Bowles won submission of the night award for his second win over Damacio Page.

Also sponsored by BodyKore are UFC fighters, Anthony Njokuani (14-5-0), Charles Oliveira (14-2-0), Rafello Oliveira (14-5-0), Felipe “Sertanejo” Arantes (13-4-0) and Francisco “Cisco” Rivera (5-2-0).

BodyKore manned a booth at Rampage Jackson’s recent Grand Opening for his new gym, Rampage Fitness Academy, located in Mission Viejo, California on October 23, 2011.

Something new to add to the list of things to do after visiting Disneyland in Anaheim—a visit and a training session with Rampage and his instructors.

“We had a vendor booth at the event displaying and doing demos with MMA trainer, Freddy George throughout the day. UFC fighters, Rampage Jackson, Tito Ortiz, Michael Bisping, Mayhem Miller, and Razor Rob (McCullough) were a few of the MMA celebrities on hand throughout the day.”

Actual article on Yahoo can be seen here.


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