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Featured News

Featured News

How to Utilize Your Available Space for a Home Gym

With everything recently going on with the pandemic, you may have decided to build a home gym or utilize a space to dedicate to your daily workouts.  Not everyone has the space for a large buildout.   There are options for you if your space is limited.  Below we will highlight equipment that can be used [...]

Where to Start – When Adding a Home Gym

Due to recent events we have all learned how to cope with staying at home.  Most of us only have access to essential businesses, and gyms did not make the cut.  So like a lot of people, you may be thinking about building a home gym to continue your fitness regime. But building a home [...]

Happy Training 2019

Welcoming in 2019 with our full arsenal of Fitness Equipment for 15% off! Use coupon code BKNEWYEAR2019  for the special. Offer expires 01/31/2019

Bodykore’s Isolation Series GR632 Voted Top Hip Abduction Machine on Wiki!

BodyKore’s Isolation Series GR632 has recently been voted Top Hip Abduction machine on Wiki!  You can see the post here. 1. Bodykore Isolation Series GR632 The various steel components of the Bodykore Isolation Series GR632 are laser cut to help ensure that they fit together well when it comes time for you to assemble them. That […]