Fixed and Adjustable Benches


BodyKore’s large array of benches comes in various designs that includes fixed and adjustable positions. Any BodyKore bench is a good addition to make as a focal point for your strength training, ensuring you can reap the full benefits of reps and sets.

Cushion seats create ultimate comfort by using wear impact resistance leather and high strength density foam.

Benches can easily be adjusted by a simple pin lock system. Designed to save space by giving users options to go from 180 degrees to 90 degrees and everything in between.

Rubber footings and wheels give the Signature series stability and the option to move for easy storage.

Integrated handles create easy movement of benches throughout wellness center .

Adjustable Benches

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Flat Benches

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  • Elite Series- Chin Dip Tower- CF2110



  • Elite Series- CF2104- Hyper Extension Bench



  • Signature Series – Preacher Curl – G257



  • Elite Series- CF2172- Calf Raise