Arnold Sports Festival Event Recap: BodyKore Booth

Arnold Sports Festival Event Recap: BodyKore Booth

BodyKore was Invited as special guests for the 2011 Arnold Sports Festival which took place in Columbus, Ohio.  Kicking off its 23rd year the event attracted hundreds of thousands of attendees from all parts of the world.  The three day event consisted of many events ranging from body buildling, crossfit competitions, fencing, dancing, karate and boxing tournaments, arm wrestling challenges, strongman competitions – a wide range of fitness related competitions took place during the Arnold.

BodyKore’s specialty fitness products were on display for the attendees to try out.  The Concept2 SKiErg, Burn Machine, Crosscore War Machine, and various StroopsMMA products were being demoed at the BodyKore booth throughout the event.  The crowds got a chance to really test out the items and ask questions about the products.

As a honorary guest BodyKore conducted a 1 Hour MMA Circuit Training workshop led by Elite Trainer Fred George from CSW Training Center. Fred George has created an intense MMA Circuit with a number of BodyKore’s hottest products. Included in the circuit was: The War Machine, The Burn Machine, Stroops Slastix Bands and Anaconda Accelerator, Concept 2′s SkiiErg, and many more items.

Check out the videos from the show:
BodyKore booth at the Arnold– We held numerous competitions throughout the show. We had a “Burn for Time” Burn Machine competition which contestants had to spin the Burn Machine in the speed bag motion. The male winner of the competition lasted 6:30 and the female winner lasted 4:19 (both very impressive numbers). We also held a “Ultra Fit Circuit” challenge where contestants had to run through a 7 station circuit. The stations included: Concept2 Skiierg rows, War Machine Freestyle Swim, Slastix Shadow Boxing, Accelerator Sprints, Burn Machine Speed Bag, and High Knee Lifts.
Freddy George’s Ultra Fit Circuit Demonstration- Freddy George put the participants through three 5 minute rounds of his Ultra Fit Circuit. It was a brutally high intense workout that had several contestants throwing up from the intensity. The workouts in the circuit include: High Knee Raises, Ball Slams, Burn Machine Speed Bag, Stroops Accelerator, Slastix Delt Raises, Battle Rope Slams, Jump Squats, Concept 2 Skiierg Rows, War Machine Free Style Swim and Burn Machine Bicep Curls.

Check out some pictures from the show:

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Freddy George and Dan Severn

Frank Trigg

Randy Couture giving a demo

BodyKore-Burn Machine-Stroops Crew

The crowds gathering around the booth to watch the demonstrations

Pro Bikini Model – Heather Gilbertson!

Concept2 SkiErg was part of the MMA Circuit that attracted thousands!

Stroops products and war machine were also part of the MMA circuit!

BodyKore would like to thank the following for making the 2011 Arnold Sports festival a success : Fairfax Hackley, Freddy George, Chad Bannon, Mike Johnson, Greg Hammond, Heather Gilbertson and Jonas!

Check out the rest of the gallery below:




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