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We are #BodyKore


Our vision: innovateadvanceprogress

BodyKore’s mission is to remain at the forefront of the global fitness industry by continually providing state of the art commercial fitness equipment, innovative design, and excellent service. We focus our time and efforts on producing high quality products to help each individual achieve their fitness goals, while providing a great experience for our customers. With every move we make, our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle that is dedicated to physical and mental well-being. BodyKore innovation and design begins with an idea and does not end until it is brought to life. Through our team of experts and prestige production capabilities, we are able to produce equipment at the highest bio-mechanical caliber. Customer value comes first and it is displayed through our one on one interaction and compelling problem solving. We do not limit our mission by solely delivering high quality equipment and great customer experience. We have taken it upon ourselves to go one step further by directly engaging with our users through our online community and social network. Through these avenues we are able to interact with our users on a daily basis, share product knowledge, and get a better understanding of the industries wants and needs. We make sure to provide our customers with the best fitness experience by combining our knowledge for the industry, with hard work and love for fitness.

Who We Are

BodyKore is a leading innovator in creating prestige commercial fitness equipment worldwide. Founded in Los Angeles, California, in 2005, BodyKore has grown into a full service fitness provider, which now has locations in three countries around the world. Our commitment to being a global leader in premiere equipment is exemplified through top quality products and superior team of experts. While consistently striving to create the newest trends in commercial equipment we invest our energy into providing the best possible service in our industry. Our global advancement has propelled us to gain the influence necessary to produce high quality equipment at the best possible value.
The BodyKore team includes individuals who live for fitness and promote a healthy lifestyle. Our team is made up of product specialists, engineers, Kinesiologists, designers, and hands on specialists who all have a mutual passion for fitness. Our industry expertise and desire, drives our success.

Our History

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