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  • Wounded Warrior Event Recap

    The wounded warriors project that was held on 8/1/10 at the Inosanto Academy of Martial arts drew crowds for both Kettlebell Training and those in attendance got a chance to witness the numerous of on-going demonstrations throughout the day.  BodyKore was one of the many vendors that showed off a few of our newest items and people got a chance to try them out in person.  The project itself helps assist wounded warriors with both charitable donations and informing the public about how much these soldiers do to preserve our freedom and rights in the United States.  We would like to thank Michael Krivka for the opportunity to partake in this event and also thank the new friends and everyone that came to support the cause!

    Richard "Army" Macguire showing many on-lookers the beauty and many different exercises of the clubs.

    Macguire also impressed everyone with his iron palm training by breaking bricks with an open palm as well as bending a heavy duty nail in half and even ripping a full deck of cards in half and then ripping that stack in half again!

    Army demonstrating his Iron Palm training

    Check out the video of Army demolishing this concrete brick

    Construction Nail bending

    Check out Macguire swinging this big club as well as the rotational movement!

    RKC #1 Instructor Michael Krivka doing a kettlebell workshop.  Krivka showed many exercises that can be performed with the kettlebell such as squats, swings snatches etc.

    GrandMaster Nonato "Nene" Gaabucayan doing a stick fighting demonstration or balintakwak.

    One of the many items that were being demonstrated by the BodyKore staff.  The anaconda is great for multiple training exercises such as battle ropes, shoots and works many other parts of the body with resistance.

    Alex from the X fit Group showing the crowds a few suspension training technique exercises.

    People in attendance got a chance to partake in a raffle with awesome raffle prizes, with items autographed by Dan Inosanto, to a complete suspension training product, to clubs etc.  Congratulations to the lucky winners!

    Please enjoy the rest of the pictures of the event as well as videos!

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