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  • VINCIT Magazine’s Photo Gallery of the Battle of the Beast Event

    Our partners from Vincit Magazine were attendance at the Battle of the Beast Muay Thai Extravaganza to  cover the event on April 10, 2010.  Check out some of the pictures from the event:

    (From Left to Right) MTL's Kru Jeff Baca, Fairtex Fighter and Team BodyKore's Jenna Castilla, Ajarn Andy K

    Team BodyKore's Paizly Contreras, VINCIT Magazine's Editor in Chief Sharon Sanghera, MTL Fighter and IKF West Coast Champion Roberto Morales, Team BodyKore's Leo Chang, Team BodyKore's Elissa Alva

    IKF West Coast Super Welter Weight Champion Quincy Schoemann

    Muay Thai Lao's:  Kru Jeff Baca, Roberto Morales, Kru Thanom Bodhiprasart, Ajarn Andy Khensamphaph

    Team BodyKore's  Orvaughn Underwood

    Check out some more photos on VINCIT Magazine's website or order your copy today here.

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