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  • VERTICAL JUMP TRAINING—PART 2 by Coach Jim Massaro

    The design of the Vertical Jump program is to increase your acceleration of explosion. Part 2 is done in the same manner in that we will keep the load in the 40-to 65% range. Very important is to always pay close attention to postural alignment and proper technique. One thing to always remember is that these lifts closely mimic the vertical jump. This program consists of two focus lifts of six sets of three followed by three assistance lifts of three sets of three. This should be added into your program for two days a week. On the first day use the bars and plates and on day two you can add in rubber bands. On the days that you use the bands, make sure that you adjust your bar load to compensate for the rubber bands. Choose a load on the bar that keeps your bar speed the same as without the rubber bands.


    1.  Push Jerk 6 x 3: Increases power output.

    Start with the bar behind the head, hands at clean position, feet at shoulder width. Push your butt back to load hamstrings and drive the bar upwards to full extension. Catch the bar in a drop position, then stand up and lower the bar to the neck and then go again. You can also add in the stomp with this exercise.

    2.  Dead Stop Squat 6 x 3: Increases starting strength and the ability to accelerate.

    Set your pins at parallel. Get directly under the bar with your abs tight, head forward, push the ground away from you and explode up. Come down under with control to a complete stop, pause for a second, and go again.

    3.  Scoop Throws: Increases hip drive and explosion.

    Position your legs at shoulder width, knees bent, and your butt back to engage hamstrings. Hold a medicine ball between legs and drive up through your hips to bring the ball over your head and then throw it down behind your back between your legs. The ball should land between your legs and if it lands beyond, that tells you that you didn't get your hips through.

    4.  Jump Shrugs 3 x 3: For increased explosion.

    Hold the bar in clean grip, legs are shoulder width, thrust butt back to load hamstrings and then at the same time jump up and shrug shoulders. Land with feet in start position.

    5.  Good Morning Squats 3 x 3: Develops hamstring strength.

    Place bar on your shoulders, keep core tight and push butt back to load hamstrings. Once the hams are loaded drop to a full squat.



    Concentrate on intensity, form and postural alignment and you will be able to jump through the roof.


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