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  • UFC Fight Night BodyKore’s Jay Silva Debut Post Coverage


    Jay Silva made his UFC debut against CB Dollaway.  Silva was a replacement and took the fight on a short notice but was excited to finally be fighting for the UFC so Silva took the match.

    The fight was at Oklahoma City on 9/16/09 and the entire bout went the distance with a decision going to Dollaway.  During the first two rounds Dollaway took Silva to the ground a couple of times, but it was Silva that exploded with punches and knees to both the face and body of Dollaway.  Silva ended up opening a pretty deep cut on Dollaway’s face in the third round and gave the crowd a very exciting finish with even Dana White congratulating Silva on the performance.  The crowd also gave a standing ovation for the bout.   Dollaway had to be carried out of the ring by his corner men, but ended up receiving the decision win.  Congratulations to both fighters.

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