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  • UFC Fight Night 20 – Jay Silva – Post Fight Coverage

    Team BodyKore's Jay Silva Post Fight Coverage. Post fight interview with Jay Silva to follow.


    Round 1 - A surprisingly huge ovation greets Leben, who's the clear fan favorite in this one. Leben misses wildly with his first shot, and Silva pops him a jab. Silva then leaps high for a flying knee, but Leben stuffs it and catches his opponent, and then takes the fight to the mat. Leben moves into the mount position while against the cage and then rains down a barrage of punches. Silva quickly gives up his back, Leben continues the assault, locks in his hooks and rolls to his back looking for the rear-naked choke. Silva continues eating punches until Leben locks on the choke. It's not there, so he continues throwing more punches. Leben works the choke again, and Silva looks like a deer in headlights. Leben can't get the choke secured, but he keeps his body lock and finally slide his arm under Silva's chin. Silva, though, is effective in defending against the choke. Leben remains patient and applies pressure for another minute, but Silva won't tap. Leben unhooks the choke to reset, and Silva tries to scramble free. Leben clings to him and delivers more punches from behind. Leben again breaks the choke while assessing the situation as a minute remains. Leben unloads more punches, but he can't get the choke and instead focused on torquing the body lock. Silva, though, finally escapes, gets to his feet and delivers a body kick just as the round sounds. It's a clear 10-9 round for Leben, but he's got to be frustrated he couldn't end it.

    Round 2 - Silva lands an early jab, and Leben circles away before landing a low kick. Leben avoids a wild combo and then delivers a nice knee to the body. Leben fakes a right and misses with a big overhand left. Silva makes him pay with a straight punch to the head. Leben gets underhooks and scores the drag takedown, and he works from half guard with Silva again pressed against the cage. Leben works some short elbows and then punches, and Silva tries to use the cage to get back to his feet. The pace slows as Silva ties up his opponent. Leben now works from full guard and delivers punches to the midsection and then postures up for a right hand to the face. He follows with more punches until Silva can pull him close. Leben moves into side control and throws more punches and looks for mount once again. With Silva pressed against the cage, it's not easy, but Leben eventually gets it. Silva tries to escape, and Leben again takes his back and works the rear-naked choke. He still can't get it, so he maintains the body lock and throws punches from behind. Leben continues the onslaught until the round comes to a close. It's all Leben again, who takes it 10-9 on the MMAjunkie.com scorecard.

    Round 3 - A touch of gloves gets the final round started. The fighters trade ineffective kicks until Silva lands a couple solid punches. Leben gets underhooks and again looks for the takedown but settles for patented footstomps when he can't get it. The crowd cheers the shots. The ref, though, finally calls for a break. The middleweights swing wildly, and Silva ahain lands a nice punch. Leben, though, stuns him with a counter shot. Leben closes the distance and delivers a knee to the belly and then works footstomps again. The fighters trade knees from the clinch, and Silva lands a nice right forearm to the mouth. The fighters break, and Silva sidesteps Leben's quick flurry. The sluggers again clinch against the cage, but neither can do anything with the position. Silva shoots and can't get it and falls to his knees. Leben rolls him over on his back and works from the top in half guard. Silva looks for an arm from below, but Leben makes him pay with punches. A minute to go, and Leben again looks for the mount. Silva, though, secures a leg, and Leben instead delivers punches and elbows from his dominant position. The barrage continues until the final horn. It's another clear-cut round for Leben, who dominated the three-round fight to the joy of the crowd. Chris Leben def. Jay Silva via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

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