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  • Tuff Skin Bag Cover Product Review

    BodyKore is proud to be the main distributor of one of the hottest items out there in the training realm.  Introducing the TUFFSKIN, the first patent pending heavy bag cover with human image on it for target training.  TUFFSKIN helps you develop accuracy, speed and hand eye coordination. TUFFSKIN is made of high quality 5mm Black Neoprene and durable pressed ink, the dimensions for the cover are 24 x 50, with 2 inch wide hook & loop Velcro.

    The TUFFSKIN helps you focus on the center of the bag and key areas to reduce injuries, it also helps your foot work by learning to move with the bag. Made of heavy duty Neoprene to protect your bag and withstands the toughest workouts.  A must have for all heavy bag owners.  Please visit here for more information on the next revolutionary product!


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