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  • Team BodyKore’s Welcomes Muay Thai Newcomer Orvaughn Underwood

    Team BodyKore is proud to introduce yet another Muay Thai Specialist and former Washington State Cougar's cornerback, Orvaughn Underwood.  Born and raised in San Francisco, California Underwood was first inspired by his love of martial arts since being a child.  Constantly watching the old kung-fu flicks and wanting to fly do flips just like some of the action stars in the film.  Underwood is a very athletic individual ever since growing up and has excelled in basketball, football and baseball.  Being brought up around sports and playing competitively has also helped Underwood stay out of trouble and focused in life.   Underwood went on to play college football for City College of San Francisco from 1997-1999 and then transferred to Washington State University to play football from 1999-2001.  Being prone to injuries keep Underwood from pursuing a career in football.  It was watching yet another martial arts film that really got Underwood thinking about taking up a new sport, one that he always admired and fell in love with since youth, Muay Thai.   underwood started training Muay Thai for a few months until he injured his back and then decided to take a break from the sport.  Since moving Sacramento though he was introduced to his new home, Muay Thai Lao.   He started up his passion for Muay Thai and has even fought and trained through injury.  Underwood's first fight will be in April10th at the Battle of the Beast .  BodyKore will be present at the event to support Underwood and his passion for Muay Thai!

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